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    How to enter into Patch menu and use functions + Explanation of Patch functions


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    How to enter into Patch menu and use functions + Explanation of Patch functions

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:38 pm

    To Enter into the patch menu follow these steps

    1. Switch on your phone while pressing the 'Lock' button and once your screen lights up continue pressing the lock button (You can let go of the power button now.)

    2. Now a screen will appear with 4 options,

    3. note that your touch screen will not take inputs once you are in this screen, only buttons can be used to navigate, so the buttons to navigate are as follows
    up - up volume button
    down - down volume button
    Enter - camera button
    Answer call button - acts as a left soft key (to select the options above it)
    Back button - acts as the right soft key
    Lock key - saves the settings

    Once you enter the patch screen you'll find 4 options
    these are the functions of each and ever option in that page.
    1. Patch Menu
    2. Info
    3. Tools
    4. Restart Phone

    When you open the first option you can see a lot of names (which are the patches and their functions are explained below) when you check a checkbox adjacent to a patch it gets turned on,and you can select any patch you want and then save the selection (by pressing the "lock" key) and then go back to the main menu and select the 4th option 'Restart Phone' now your phone will reboot and the changes will take effect.

    The following is the explanation of each and every patch function
    Note that i have already attached a rc2 file along with this and the following explanation is in accordance with that

    1. Master Patch v1.0 - This is the base patcher do not disable it.

    2. change allflash - (Similar to Mega_change_SWF and is explained below)

    3. AppSndPath - The patch works with nv_original.ini, now after the change of type of profile, sound mode, etc., their service sounds do not disappear in the patch and nv_original.ini can change the folder paths.

    4. Change _Calc_ver 1.0 - check this option when You have added a swf file of a calculator in the Res folder in your phone memory (the name of the swf file must be calculator.swf)

    5. CallUnlockLcd - This option allows you to leave the touchscreen unlocked when you attend a call.

    6. Change Extras - Timer (Countdown timer): "/ Phone/ Res / Extras / Timer.swf"
    TimerPopup (When the time of the timer ends, it climbs): "/Phone/ Res / Extras / TimerPopup.swf"
    the Calculator (Calculator): "/ Phone/ Res / Extras / Calculator.swf"
    Convertor: "/ Phone/ Res / Extras / Convertor.swf" (Mega_change_SWF is better because allows you change Completely all .swf files in the phone including these three which is explained below)

    7. ChangeJavaToMMC - check this option if you want to save your games in your memory card rather than your precious phone memory
    First create a folder named Java in your memory card and then check this option,
    While rebooting after changing this option,you will not have any games.
    so now go ahead and intall as many games in your memory card
    (caution : Game loading times and gameplay is slower when compared to the games when they're in the phones memory. for example rock band game is slower than it is played on phone memory )

    8. KJxDispatch.ini - In certain gadget.swf (mostly the russian ones) you have icons for opera mini and di chat and also a MusicODP (all these java apps are in the locked games folder incase you didnt know...These can be viewed by tk file explorer)
    And links between the Gadget.swf and java can only be made by adding a KJxDispatch.inI file in EXE/JAVA in your phone using tkfile explorer.
    Visit for a sample of this file.

    9. Change_swf ver2.0 - This will read the following files from the Res folder on the Memory Card
    'gadget.swf' 'menu.swf' and 'MyFiles.swf' (if you get a white screen on the idle screen you have done something wrong with these 3 files,check if their name's wrong'

    10. change swf v1.0 - Same as above the only difference is that V1.0 reads the 3 files from the res folder of the PHONES memory

    11. CheckSignOff - this option removes the pop up question "The content is not signed. Continue?" while installing java-applications.

    12. Delete SThumb.tdb - Ever got irritated with the 'Sthumb.tdb' that cannot be deleted and is created after you disconnect your phone from your pc?, well checking this option will remove it

    13. DeleteJavaPopup - The patch removes the requests in java apps like 'Allow xxx to access the intenet' 'allow xxx to read phone memory' where xxx is the name of the application
    Be carefull with applications you do not trust,they may send sms'es without your knowledge with this option turned on.

    14. DelGreetMsg - This option removes the greeting message you get while seitching on your phone.

    15. EasyAdminMenu - This changes the code to enter the admin menu as * # 3333 # and the password is 1111 for every locked menu

    16. FlashPlayer - With this option you can play swf games on your mobile easily
    You just have to create a Swf file named FlashPlayer.swf which can connect many other swf files and have the games as 1.swf 2.swf 3.swf etc and put all these files in the Res folder
    Here's the link for the files and the steps to use the flash player xascp11gb
    [The Flashplayer can be accessed by opening the help widget and by selecting any option there]
    Keep in mind the resolution swf file you paste here shouldnt be greater than 600x430

    17. Font - You can now change fonts first of all download some fonts (I'd suggest or
    You can even get the fonts from your windows folder (if you're using xp go to Fonts under windows folder in your hard disk)

    18. Google to Opera - Certain menu.swf files usually have an option of opera mini in them,
    but that button seems to be broken. with this option you can access opera mini easily

    19. on-off-image - this option allows you to change the animations that are shown while switching on and off your phone. no one has yet posted any steps on how to use this for the time being

    20. imageMMC - this is the same as above but the only difference is that the animations are read from the memory card.

    21. JavaLcdOff - Normally when you play java games or use applications, the backlight wont turn off,it only dimmers. with this optionit will switch of in the time you set in the display settings

    22. KeyLockVib - When you lock/unlock your buttons by pressing the key lock button,you get a small vibration notification

    23. LowBatRestrictOff - this will remove the restriction to use java,music player or bluetooth etc. When you run on reserve power.

    24. Mainmenu_Preview - When you change your main menu to menu.swf from res folder, the menu is changed to the new one, but the preview in settings still show the standard one. to change it copy the menu file again into the res folder of the phone and rename it to Mainmenu_Preview.swf now the preview under the settings will also be the same as the new menu

    25. mega on-off - This reduces start up and shhut down time on your phone

    26. Mega_change_SWF - this is an option to Change swf's for every part of your phone..
    including alarms,calendar,worldclock,calcutator,music player bluetooth and almost everything.
    download from this link will give you the folder called 'Flash'
    Put this in your Res folder in phone memory.
    In this flash folder there are many other folders containing the swf files.
    These swf files are the files from the original firmware.
    and this can be edited by you however you want(use trillix flash decompiler, so think or Adobe Flash to edit )

    27. MutePowerSave - this option stops the annoying vibration and the sound alert when your battery is low.

    28. Change_Player - music player will be read from a seperate swf file called player.swf in your Res folder in phone memory. (No one has created a player.swf so far)

    29. ReplaceSwf to FFS - The patch changes the location of flash drives menu and desktop on Media / Res / Flash /
    Files must be named and gadget.swf menu.swf. When a file in that folder is not found, it will load a standard stick.

    30. ScreenShot v1.0 - The patch allows you to take screenshots of the phone's screen ... Screenshot is saved in the / Phone / Other files / scr.bin ... When captures are urged to restart the phone and remove the file ...
    Called command AT + SUBLCD in modem port

    31. ScreenShot v2.0 - same as above only difference is that the pic is saved in the memory card

    32. VibOnCall - With this option,When you call someone,it will give a vibration when the other person has accepted your need to look at the screen always

    33. VideoSizeLarge - with this option your phone can play videos of resolution 400x240

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