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    Memory heap - Guide to edit Jwc_Properties(ffs)


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    Memory heap - Guide to edit Jwc_Properties(ffs)

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:01 pm

    >>> For those that can't find any way to increase their memory to play games or use apps <<<

    First of all we open WinImage

    After opening we go to open

    We select the factory ffs from the firmware we want to edit

    Open the exe folder

    Open the java folder inside it

    Now, you can either inject the file i gave you or edit youself the properties with the guide below, if you want to edit you will have to rename my file to something else so winimage doesn't replaces it with the new file. For instructions to inject go to the bottom of my post where they are

    Guide to editing

    target ''Jwc_properties.ini''

    Right click and select extract

    We extract it in a folder where we can find it easily and we open it with notepad


    At the notepad that opened we go to the bottom where ''## Limited MVM configuration'' is

    AFter that we open the edited jwc_properties i have edited and go to the bottom

    We select from ''## Limited MVM configuration'' to the end of it and right click and copy

    Then we open the non=edited jwc_properties and go to the end of it and select it from ''## Limited MVM configuration'' to the end

    At the selected we right click and go to paste

    Next save it and move it inside winimage

    In the first window 'Do you want to inject' we press yes

    After that it will ask whether to replace the old file, we again press yes

    And to end we press save to save our edit and we can flash with this ffs and have increased memory heap ^^
    >>>> downloads : <<<<

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